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How Understanding Your Natural Selling Strengths Gives You an Advantage in Business

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When it comes to selling, there will be times when the transaction goes very smoothly and there will be other times when the situation will be a bit more challenging, requiring you to quickly adapt the way you are doing business.

According to Buffini & Company’s REALStrengths® Assessment, there are six basic styles when it comes to selling, serving and communication. By identifying what your style is and just as importantly, your client’s, you will be able to adjust to any situation, leading to a positive outcome.

What’s Your Style?

Think about some of your recent interactions, both personally and professionally. Review the two styles below. Do either of these feel true to your style? How about the other parties? You can take a free assessment at realstrengths.com to further help you understand these styles.

  • Facilitator: Listening comes naturally to you and creating a respectful environment is important to you. Providing options is your strategic tool to create win-win outcomes. 
  • Motivator: Negotiation comes naturally to you, influencing others motivates you, and momentum drives you.

See How Identifying and Adapting Your Style Changes an Outcome

Scenario: The House Showing

You have just shown your client a gorgeous home that checks off all their boxes. You know that this is the home they have been looking for! However, your client does not seem enthusiastic and is not saying much at all. You don’t understand why they are not as excited as you are, so you keep pressing them in order to go forward with an offer to purchase the home.

Recognize Your Selling Style

  • In the scenario above, your style is “Motivator.” You are an inspirational and energetic leader, who likes to get things done!
  • But your client’s style is “Facilitator.” They want to be heard, have options and choices, and above all, don’t like to be pushed into decisions.

Adapt for Success

How can you adapt your strength so that you both get what you want? It’s clear that if you keep pressing them, they will become more uncomfortable and resentful. The pressure may make them walk away from the deal all together.

However, when you are aware of this and acknowledge that you know this is a big financial decision and one that they need to make carefully, they will feel heard and validated. Instead of pressing them, suggest that they go home and think about the house you just showed them.  Let them know you are available to answer any questions or provide more information. It’s OK to them to remind them that it’s still a tight real estate market. Do so in a way that is neutral and not pushy.

It is possible to be a successful agent and work with anyone, no matter what their selling strength is. To determine your specific strengths, go to realstrengths.com to take the free assessment and start creating measurable professional strengths.

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