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Market to Your Real Estate Niche for More Success

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When you are starting out as a new agent, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many different types of real estate. Choosing a specific real estate niche that interests you will help you become more focused, productive and successful.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing targets a specific segment of the overall market. In real estate, it could be a category of people or a geographic area. By concentrating on that, you will be able to service it more effectively. It will establish you as an expert in that category. 

Who is Your Ideal Client?   

Think about your ideal client. Do you want to work with first-time home buyers? Or maybe you are interested in working with empty nesters? It might even be very specific, such as veterans, renovators, horse owners or the green industry, to name just a few.     

What Area Appeals to You?  

Does the fast pace of a city sound interesting? Or maybe you prefer small towns and their established family neighborhoods? There may be specific communities that you enjoy. Take some time to think about places you have enjoyed living in or visited. If the area is new to you, plan to spend some time there doing in-person research and networking to get a sense of it. Just remember, a niche could have limited inventory, so you may have to expand your targeted category or area.

Get to Know Your Future Clientele

Now that you have narrowed down your real estate niche, the work really begins. The best way to find future clients is to meet them face to face. Become an active member of the community. Join local groups such as the Lions Club and Rotary. Sponsor and volunteer for events like fairs, donation drives and road races. Partner with local businesses that service the same type of clients you are seeking.

Become an expert and the “go-to” resource for anything and everything in your niche. In doing so, you will learn more about your clients’ interests and needs and how you can best serve them.

Market to Your Niche

Traditional ways such as mailings and social media are important. Get to know municipal leaders who can share important information that you can then share with potential clients.

Dropping by with a small gift works great for niche marketing. For example, a client who is moving will appreciate a small bag of healthy snacks. A veteran will love a fun, patriotic decoration. Small plants with a seasonal ribbon attached are always a welcome gift.

Niche marketing makes your client party planning easier too. You can have themed-snacks and decorations. And having like-minded guests means the conversation never lags!

Have a list of other trusted service professionals that you can recommend to your clients.  Get to know other real estate agents and share potential leads if it’s not your specialty. Those agents will then remember you when they have a lead that you could best serve.

It can be scary to consider narrowing your potential database. But by targeting and serving a niche, you will find you are more strategic, effective and successful. That expertise will then lead your satisfied clients to recommend you to others in their niche as well.  

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