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Maximize Your Productivity Your Way

You’re planning a road trip to your favorite vacation spot. It’s still a few weeks out, but as the trip gets closer you start anticipating all the fun you’ll have. A friend asks what you are most looking forward to. Which sounds most like your response?

  1. I just can’t wait to get going. I love that feeling when you pull out of the driveway. I also really like the road trip itself. It’s the journey, not just the destination.
  2. I’m really looking forward to being on the road for a few days, watching the world pass by. And of course, I can’t wait to get there!
  3. I love getting the trip going—that feeling of having an entire vacation ahead of you. Not a huge fan of the driving, but it will feel so good to finally get there.

Which did you pick? Your answer may shed some light on how to best maximize your productivity in a way that is fulfilling and motivating.

You see, we each have a different performance style. Most people fall into one of three different categories and each style requires a different kind of motivation to stay productive and leverage your strengths fully.



You’re happiest when you’re starting and working on a project, but crossing the finish line isn’t that big of a motivator for you. It’s easy for people with a Create-Execute performance style to fall into the “shiny object syndrome,” so do your best to eliminate distractions by turning off phone notifications or setting an Out-of-Office reply when you’re close to finishing. You’ll find yourself constantly changing and tweaking things and accidently self-sabotaging your project. Getting a coach and rewarding yourself when you do finish a project will help harness your natural energy and keep things rolling.



Once you get going on something, you really get going. You love being in the middle of something and seeing it through. This also means that it’s easy for you to procrastinate. Find someone to create pressure points so you don’t keep putting off the starting bit. Once you get going, your “execute” will take over. When you accomplish your task, you’ll be inspired to be more productive and it’ll get easier and easier to start new projects. Having a pen and paper to-do list as well as a goal board can help create visual reminders of why it’s important to get projects started.


Create – Finalize

You like to get projects going AND finish them strong. It just gets messy in the middle. You need accountability and coaching when you feel stuck so you don’t stay in that stuck place forever. A good coach can help you keep the thrill of starting alive until you can see the finish line. Once the finish line is in sight, your “finalize” will take over and carry you through to the end.

Once you know your personal performance style, you can maximize your productivity in a way that uses your natural strengths and puts them to work for you.


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