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If you’re part of a Buffini Group this blog is just for you! Check back each month to get the scoop on what’s new with Buffini Groups, a short blog about what to expect in the upcoming month, as well as tips to help you get more out of your group membership and much more.

groupsNot part of a Buffini Group?

Did you know that Members of a Buffini Group earn an average of $19k more per year than those not in a group? What are you waiting for? Due to popular demand, we’ve opened Buffini Groups to all of our Members! Get more out of your Membership, meet other motivated real estate professionals and dive deeper into each month’s Buffini TV episode. Think of it as your monthly 90-minute turbo shot of motivation! Join a Buffini Group in your local area or online by visiting the Members Area on Buffiniandcompany.com.

What? You want more motivation?

You want more motivation to join a Buffini Group? Ok, check this out…


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