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Networking Tips for Virtual Real Estate Events

Although nothing beats the magic of attending an in-person networking event, a virtual real estate event can be just as powerful when done right!   

Even if your favorite real estate events have transitioned to online-only, it still pays to sign up and sign on. Online real estate events are an exceptional way to strengthen your business, and help you to:

  • Build a professional community.
  • Network with like-minded agents.
  • Synergize with professionals in your field.
  • Exchange advice and ideas to boost your business.  

One of the most significant perks of attending an event in today’s market is the opportunity for increased referrals.

With more people on the move, it’s very possible that your clients have a destination in mind that’s outside of your coverage area. By networking with agents in other markets who provide the same level of exceptional service as you do, you can ensure your clients remain in good hands wherever they go.

Likewise, agents in other markets will know to send their referrals your way. It’s a win-win that leads to happy clients — and a referral fee!

To create your agent network, you’ll want to attend virtual real estate events and make the most of them. Here are a few tips to become a virtual event master.

  • Be prepared. Know what you want to accomplish with your networking, whether it’s finding connections in a certain region or looking for agents who can help you brainstorm solutions to a specific problem.
  • Learn the conference platform. The organizer should send you the details, but just in case, consider running a quick Google search on the video conference program so you know what to expect.
  • Know your tech. Make sure you have the correct camera and mic settings at the start of the event to avoid any awkward technical difficulties while networking!
  • Create a digital business card. Include links to your website and social media. You should be able to quickly send the link or file to anyone you chat with.
  • Schedule follow-up meetings. If there’s someone you heard from but didn’t get to talk to in-depth, send them a chat or email to set up a separate video call later. This is key to creating lasting connections at virtual events with many attendees.
  • Stay in touch. Connect with these agents via LinkedIn or social media. Buffini & Company agents can utilize the Buffini Referral Network to exchange referrals in the future. By the way, try to send handwritten personal notes to everyone you connect with — just make sure you get their current address!

Register for a virtual real estate event today to start networking with like-minded agents and potentially increase your referrals! Buffini & Company offers several industry-leading online real estate events that will help you connect with other industry professionals and grow your business. Sign up today!

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