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New Real Estate Agent Guide: How to Maximize Your Time to Achieve Success

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As a new agent, you may be filled with excitement, enthusiasm and raring to go. You may think because you have seen other agents work what seems 24/7, you must do the same in order to be successful too.  But you don’t have to follow that model! By being prepared and strategically adhering to a structured system, you will not only be successful professionally, but you will also have time off for yourself as well.   

Structure Creates Productivity 

Your day-to-day responsibilities as an agent may include tasks such as lead generation, database updates, routine paperwork, real estate agent training and so much more. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with those tasks. You may find yourself spending too much time on one thing and not enough on another. That’s why a structured day will help you keep focused, organized and productive. Knowing what you must do each and every day will eliminate the need to start from scratch each morning, greatly reducing your stress level.   

You will be more apt to do important things like exercise and take mental health breaks if you schedule those into your day as well.  Remember, taking time off for a short break is okay. It will refresh and motivate you for when you do get back to business. 

There are thousands of apps offering you ways to stay organized. It may take some time to get into the flow of using one but by starting off with a system right away and consistently using it, you will be on your way to achieving maximum productivity.    

Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot 

It’s important to continually communicate with your leads and customers so you will stay top of mind. An automated system that tells you what and when to mail or email marketing collateral to your database is key. Otherwise, you may lose an important window in time to contact them. You can also hire a service to handle this important function for you.  

Customer Retention Management Systems  

Customer Retention Management (CRM) systems can help you stay organized, by keeping your information in one place. You can also download an app that ties into the CRM so you always have your data handy when you need it.  A real estate CRM can save you valuable time because instead of shuffling through reams of paperwork or scrolling through emails in a panic, you will be able to find what you need when you need it.  

100 Days to Greatness!   

If you’d like to learn more tips on how to build a business that lasts, check out Buffini & Company’s 100 Days to Greatness. In this course, you will work with a group leader in your office – in person or virtually — to learn and practice with other agents ways to prepare to work with any client or buyer. You can also take the course online from anywhere at any time.  

In this course you will also receive powerful real estate agent training videos, marketing materials, and resources, as well as dialogues and presentation techniques to help you thrive in today’s market and your career. We will teach you ways to build a strong business foundation that will help you achieve ongoing success.  

Thousands of agents just like you have taken this training, gaining more clients and more business. Why not try for yourself? For more information visit https://win.buffiniandcompany.com/training/100-days-to-greatness/.  

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