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One2One Coaching: Put the “Unity” in Community

One2One Coaching: Put the “Unity” in Community

It all started with a lunch. In 2008, Buffini & Company Member Mike Gandolfo from Louisville, Ky., joined a group of guys his age for lunch during what was then the Buffini & Company Turning Point™. This is where he met Karl Miller and Thomas Nolen, two other Buffini & Company Members. Mike introduced them to three others he had gotten to know through events — Ed Daniels, Mike McDaid and Greg Chaplain. The group of six began synergizing regularly over the phone and via video conference, as well as during events. In 2016, the CommonWEALTH Club was officially born.

“It was Mike Gandolfo who pointed out that we all live in commonwealth states — Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania — so we quickly began referring to ourselves as The CommonWEALTH Club,” explains Greg Chaplain, a group member from Norfolk, Va.

When Mike Gandolfo rallied these agents together, he was hoping to create a powerful network of positive professionals — something he felt was missing in his marketplace.

“There are not a lot of like-minded individuals in my marketplace, and as a small business owner, isolation can set in very easily,” says Mike. “These guys are my Board of Trustees, and we focus on growing in all Five Circles.”

And that focus on the Five Circles — spiritual, family, business, financial and personal — is a big priority for this group. When they are not synergizing with their Buffini & Company Certified Coach on how to balance the Five Circles in One2One Coaching™ sessions, the members of the CommonWEALTH Club help each other in maintaining the balance in between their individual coaching calls.

“When my Five Circles were severely disrupted, just listening to this group and keeping one oar in the water helped make me a better person, father and businessman,” shares Mike McDaid, another member in Malvern, Pa.

In business, these six men challenge each other to reach new heights. They compare themselves to the small synergy groups created at The Peak Experience® , Buffini & Company’s annual elite business conference. Each member provides the others with accountability, encouragement and space for discussion, all which lead to massive professional and personal growth. With the help of these relationships, Thomas Nolen in Appomattox, Va., had his best year ever. 

“Because of this group, I am running my business at its highest level in 16 years since I started it,” says Thomas. “We all know that you can learn, but if you do not implement and have accountability, it can be much harder to stay consistent.” 

Outside of the business world, these six men gained valuable friendships that will last a lifetime.

“A random lunch led to long lasting friendship,” says Karl Miller of Lynchburg, Va. “Over the years, our relationships have deepened — we share our goals, financial budgets, business plans and challenges.” 

The group members make it clear that they aren’t there to compare themselves to one another, but instead, to focus on collective growth. They attend sports games together, plan yearly retreats and meet up at any Buffini & Company events they can all attend. Group member Ed Daniels of Holliston, Mass., says finding this group was one of the greatest wins of his life — and the other members would concur.

“We have a great balance of working hard, enjoying each other’s company and holding each other accountable,” says Ed. “When you surround yourself with smart pros, growth-oriented mindsets, and people who have their personal priorities straight, amazing things happen.”

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