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Real Estate Coaching Tips for the Spring 2021 Market

After a year of growing pent-up demand from the COVID-19 pandemic, the spring 2021 real estate market is coming in hot. As an agent in this market, you’ll want to prepare yourself and your business to handle every situation with the highest level of care, safety and professionalism.

At Buffini & Company, our industry-leading real estate coaches have been guiding clients through the obstacles in this unique real estate market while also teaching ways to be more productive. Check out these real estate coaching tips to help you win big in the spring buying season, so you can ultimately increase profits and referrals.

Create Your Own Inventory

It’s no secret that we’ve got a bit of a supply problem on our hands. With housing inventory at all-time lows and demand continuing to increase, agents need to take it upon themselves to generate listings through a multi-faceted approach.

“I have had my clients focus on consistent activities and strategies to generate multiple listings in 90 days,” says Julie Pergola, a Buffini & Company Certified Coach.

Buffini & Company real estate coaches recommend agents actively reach out to clients to educate them on the current market while also combing through their existing database to identify and contact potential sellers in great neighborhoods. Agents need to hustle, explains Buffini & Company Coach Kelli Snyder.

“Hitting your standard is not an option,” she says. “You must exceed it.”

Keep Your Clients Informed

 Establish yourself as a trusted adviser and market expert to everyone in your database, and you’ll be the first buyers or sellers go to when they’re ready to make the move or just begin asking questions. Buffini & Company Coach Rachael Yeaman says it pays to be proactive.

“Reach out to your top-referring clients to offer annual reviews where you can go over that specific client’s current property value and list market trends,” she explains. “After, ask if they are interested in selling to take advantage of strong home values, or find out if they have any friends, family or neighbors who would benefit from similar information.”

The more informed your clients are, the more comfortable they’ll be hopping into the market with you by their side. Don’t forget to remind them of your connections across the country, should they be considering an out-of-area move.

Stay on Top of Your Time

There’s no doubt this is going to be one of your busiest seasons, so make sure you’re equipped with the time management skills to stay on top of everything! Here’s what Buffini & Company Coach Mimi Throckmorton recommends to her clients.

“Schedule your week once a week and take 15 minutes to plan your day each morning, rearranging that schedule as you go,” she says.

When it comes to real estate lead generation, Coach Mimi advises clients to move it but not remove it. She tells clients to start in the morning for best results. She also reminds agents to make time for themselves.

“Know your ‘non-negotiables’ to stay healthy — activities like meditation, exercise, eating healthy, family meals, etc.,” she says.

Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™ can help guide you through the spring buying season and get you on a path to long-term success. Sign up for a free business consultation to learn more on what a coach can do for you!

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