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Real Estate Recruitment Tactic: The Power of the Co-Op Agent

Recruiting for your real estate office can be a tough job. You want to find top professionals to join your team, but making cold calls means you’re working in the dark and often wasting your time. In a competitive and crowded marketplace, how can you be sure you hire the best of the best?

One of the most effective ways to find a new agent is to tap into your professional network of pre-existing contacts. People you already know and who already know you and how you work are often the best fit for your team. One option you shouldn’t overlook when searching for a prospective candidate is the co-op agent. A co-op agent is the one who’s been on the other end of the transaction with an agent from your office. This means that a relationship is in place, which is a bonus because you don’t have to start from scratch! Co-op agents have already experienced doing business with your agent, so they know your company’s level of professionalism and expertise. Meanwhile, your agent knows their character and whether they exemplify the values and work ethic you want to include in your business.  

Here are some tips you can use to build a relationship with a great co-op agent today:

Provide Value

Once you’ve identified an agent you want to talk to, give him or her a call. Your goal is not to persuade them to join your company, but to introduce yourself and let them know that you appreciate the high level of professionalism they offer the industry. Then, work to build on the relationship by becoming a trusted resource. Just as you offer exceptional levels of care and service to your clients to create strong bonds with them, do the same with a prospective candidate. Ask if you can stay in touch and then provide topical market updates and information they might find useful on a regular basis.

Demonstrate Your Professionalism

Every time you connect with a high-quality agent, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase how expertly you run your business. Likeminded professionals will recognize and appreciate your effort and the level of value you provide. The relationship will naturally grow and deepen and, over time, they may be inspired to join your team and learn even more from you.

Ask Questions

Instead of giving a formal presentation asking an agent to join your firm, learn as much as you can about them and what makes them tick. Why did they get into the industry? What do they like most about it? What would they change? The more you learn about a person, the more clearly you can see if they’ll fit in with your brokerage’s culture. Be open about your company and encourage them to ask you questions, too. Not only will you both get a better understanding of each other, you’ll stand out as someone who has an authentic and genuine interest in them as a person, which could really impact their decision to join your team in the future.  Remember, too, to make a note of information they share so that you can follow up and keep building the relationship!

Whether you’re a broker/owner looking to increase agent production and retention or you’re an ancillary service provider looking to strengthen your relationships with agents, Buffini & Company offers real estate training courses that will help agents take their businesses to the next level. A Buffini Certification allows you to facilitate industry-leading real estate training programs and comes with everything you need to get your office, team or students on the path to success.

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