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Revive Your Movie Night: Family Movie Night Checklist

If it feels like that bag of Doritos with Wonder Woman exclaiming, she will be “in theaters June 5,” is mocking you, it’s time for you to revive your family movie night.

Whether you’re stepping out to your local theater or stepping up your at-home event, we have some ideas to make it special

Let’s GO to the Movies

Although most major studios have pushed their summer blockbusters to later this year or to 2021, most states are permitting movie theaters to reopen.

Keep in mind that every county is different.

In general, movie theaters are operating at 25% capacity (hello legroom!) and shifting to systems that require you to choose your seats in advance. Of course, you can select seats for your entire family and your squad will be spaced away from others.

Bring your masks as they will be required when you are entering, exiting or using the facilities. Masks will be recommended while you are watching the movie unless you are eating or drinking.

At-home Movie Night

This is also a great time to step up your at-home movie night. Take advantage of the warmer weather, endless options and this check-list to make your movie nights special.  

Choose Your Movie

It can be thrilling to watch a brand-new movie on family movie night and this is entirely possible since some movies will skip the theater and go straight to video.

If you really want to give your kids a love of film, consider one of the time-tested classics curated by Good Housekeeping.

Take it Outside

If you’re able to project your film on to a screen or outdoor wall, patio and outdoor dining furniture is a great seating solution. You can also relax bug-free in a dry, inflatable pool (you’ll want pillows and blankets!)

If you’re gathering around a laptop or TV screen, bring out the air mattress with pillows and blankets for the ultimate lounge experience.

Inviting neighbors? Remind each family to bring their own blankets, camping chairs or pillows.

Bring on the Snacks

Theme your snacks to match your movie or go with the tried and true. You just can’t beat popcorn, candy and cold drinks.

To make it special, create a back-yard concession stand complete with lots of fresh-popped corn, individual popcorn boxes and several shakers of flavors (such as salt, cheese, sour cream and onion or cinnamon and sugar) so your guests can craft their favorite treats.

Fill a few mason jars or bowls with M&Ms, Twizzlers, gummies or other favorites and don’t forget to stock a cooler or ice tub with soda, water and adult beverages to round out the offering.

We’re here for you! For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit Buffini Bonus Resources for ideas.

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