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Spotify Playlists to Lift Your Spirits While Staying Home

Looking for some hope and positivity? If you’re responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) by practicing social distancing, and you need an upbeat soundtrack to boost your mood, we’ve got you covered. Our Buffini & Company Spotify page has six unique playlists designed to inspire in different ways. Take a look at each and play the one that helps lift the spirits of your family!

1. Win the Day

This playlist is perfect for keeping productive and focused on a day of working from home. These laid-back pop songs are bright and inspiring — they’ll keep you humming along as you write personal notes, prepare monthly mailed Items of Value or catch up on your admin work. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a smile!

2. Motivation from The Brian Buffini Show

Start your day with a mix of inspirational episodes of The Brian Buffini Show podcast and some tunes to go with them. You’ll catch classic episodes like “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life #112” and “The Strangest Secret — by Earl Nightingale #061,” along with corresponding songs to keep your spirits up. Great to throw on while cleaning the house, cooking dinner or sorting the closet.

3. Get Fired Up

Use this playlist to have a little fun with your family during self-isolation. The upbeat and motivational tracks on this playlist have been featured at our events in years past. They’ll keep your toes tapping during everyday chores, walks and productivity breaks. You may also want to listen to this one on your morning run, since the tracks are motivating and high-energy.

4.  The Ultimate Client Party Playlist

No one should be having a face-to-face client party anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean these tracks have to sit on the shelf! This playlist is filled with hits from each era — there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to break up your social distancing routine with a little family party, this is the perfect playlist to keep everyone entertained!

5. Best of MasterMind Summit

The songs on this playlist cover nearly 20 years of inspirational songs referenced at our flagship personal growth event, Buffini & Company MasterMind Summit. If you’ve been to the event before, the music on this playlist will take you on a fun trip down memory lane. If you haven’t attended, still give the tracks a listen — you’ll find them inspiring and impactful. They will leave you with a sense of hope and encouragement during these times. 

No matter what your music taste sounds like, we’ve got you covered on our Buffini & Company Spotify profile while you’re spending time at home. Tune in and pick your favorite playlist, whether you’re setting a new personal note record, playing a game with the family or cleaning up the house.

For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate life and the real estate industry during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit our Buffini Bonus Resource hub for ideas.

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