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The Best Ways to Approach Your Postage

So many services had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there was one that never stopped: the post office. With limited face-to-face interaction these days, mail has been the perfect way to communicate with others in a more personal way.

And for real estate agents who Work by Referral, mail has always been one of the primary ways in which you connect with your top clients. Between sending out monthly Items of Value and handwritten notes, you probably show as much love to your local post office as you do to your clients!

That’s why when we saw a thread in our Buffini & Company Members Facebook Group asking about the best approaches to postage, we wanted to compile all of the great tips in one place. Check out these services and strategies sourced by Buffini & Company Members that can help with all your postage needs.

Forever Stamps: The Way to Go

Instead of weighing out postage and guessing how many of each stamp you’ll require, many Buffini & Company Members resort to Forever Stamps to get the job done (or Permanent Stamps in Canada). One stamp will always cover the cost of a standard letter, no matter when you purchase them. These are a great way to streamline the mailing process.

Consider a Postal Scale

If you send a lot of small packages or oversized mailers, consider investing in a postal scale for your home office. They’re pretty affordable, and can be purchased on Amazon or at shops like Staples or Office Depot. This will make it much easier to gauge postage for mail that Forever Stamps can’t cover.

Purchase Stamps in Bulk

There are plenty of places to purchase a large amount of stamps at one time in many different designs. The most obvious option is to get them directly from USPS or Canada Post by either ordering online or picking them up in person. Stamps.com is another popular option because of its wide variety of designs — plus, you might even be able to write off the cost as a business expense. Sheets of Forever Stamps are also available at Costco at a slight discount, but the designs are limited.

As you continue to send your handwritten notes and value-add marketing pieces, use these tips to streamline your experience with the post office. Everybody loves to receive good old fashioned snail mail, especially during these unprecedented times.

Looking for a way to incorporate mailings into your real estate marketing? Buffini & Company Referral Maker® PRO has everything you need for a well-rounded real estate marketing strategy. See how it can transform your business with a free business consultation.

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