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Top Tips for Promoting Your Training

As a broker, owner or manager of a real estate office, it’s essential to create an environment that supports and encourages your team’s personal and professional development. When you show your agents you’re committed to their growth, they’ll feel valued, empowered and more inclined to stay!  

Providing ongoing real estate training is the best way to prove to your team you’re invested in their success. If you prioritize expert training, you’ll always attract the best people, have a highly skilled team that’s constantly developing and enjoy a steady stream of quality referrals.

Start 2022 on the right foot by getting your team to sign up for a real estate training class. Here’s how:

Make a call.

Real estate is all about creating solid relationships – with your clients and with your team members! A personal chat is a great way to build strong bonds with your agents and a quick phone call can go a long way toward encouraging them to take training. When you have a one-on-one conversation with an agent, they have the opportunity to ask questions and you have the chance to explain how the training will work and why it will benefit them.

Host a get-together.

To create extra excitement about a training class, you could consider holding a get-together to go over the class offering. All Buffini & Company training classes come with an explanatory video – perfect to play at a rally and generate some buzz amongst your team! Make it more than a meeting and include snacks or drinks.

Include a preview.

You don’t have to hold a special meeting to preview upcoming training, you can simply show a video or hand out a resource at any of your regular office get-togethers. Providing interesting facts about training will give your team a taste of what’s involved and why it will be so beneficial.

Post on social media.

Social media can be a very powerful tool. Posting about upcoming training on any of your channels is a great way to attract your team’s attention and let them know that you’re invested in their long-term success. 

Send a personalized video message.

Another great way to pique your agents’ interest in training is to make a recording of yourself talking about the course. Keep the video short and sweet; briefly outline the core benefits of the course and remind your agents that you’re always in their corner.

When you show that you’re really dedicated to helping your agents win, top producers will seek you out and stay loyal to you. In 2022, get your team committed to a proven real estate training plan that will help them to keep growing. Buffini & Company has real estate training solutions for agents at every step in their career, including 100 Days to Greatness®, which is perfect for new recruits. Find out more about getting Buffini Certified so you can lead these next-level real estate training programs in your office today.

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