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We’re True to Classic Blue

We’re True to Classic Blue

When we saw the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year, we did a double take…the color, Classic Blue, bears a striking resemblance to our own “Buffini Blue,” the color of our logo and brand!

Here’s how Pantone describes the color they selected:

“Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

And we couldn’t agree more! That’s why we are so proud to sport our own version of the color in our brand — Buffini Blue. At Buffini & Company, our mission is to provide real estate coaching and training that helps agents around the world build that dependable, stable foundation for their business. The words used to describe Classic Blue are ones that we acknowledge within our own system as we coach real estate agents to the top.

Calm. The life of a busy real estate agent can be chaotic. When agents join Buffini & Company coaching or take one of our training programs, one of the top priorities is finding balance in all Five Circles of life: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. We offer systems to manage schedules, prioritize time with loved ones and establish financial security, all while boosting profits. 

Confident. When your skills are exceptional, your confidence increases. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line real estate training like The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials. Our program teaches agents the best strategies for success in lead generation, negotiation, working with buyers and sellers, time management and world-class business planning. This way, agents can become more confident in their skills and know that they are serving their clients at the highest level.

Connected. Buffini & Company agents are a part of a larger network of real estate professionals across North America. Through real estate events like Buffini & Company Master Class (new for 2020) and The Peak Experience, attendees can network and learn from industry professionals. MasterMind Summit connects those hungry for personal growth with like-minded people looking to improve with each day. Connection is key in our company, and we are dedicated to creating opportunities that make this simple and enjoyable.

So as Pantone’s latest Color of the Year continues to generate a buzz around the world, Buffini & Company will be here staying true to the blue. Let’s make 2020 an amazing year!

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