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What Choices Will You Make Today?

Did you know that the choices you make today can impact your level of success further down the road? When we make unhealthy or unproductive choices today, it can impact our energy, our body, our mind and our business tomorrow.

Female Professional Driving CarSay you’re having a stressful day. You spend your morning putting out one fire after another, the transaction that you’re working on is in danger of falling through and you didn’t even make a dent in your to-do list. On the way home, you’re faced with a choice—you can stop by the drive-thru of your favorite fast food place and order a meal full of empty calories, or you can cook a healthy, delicious meal that will fuel your body and give you the energy you need to thrive. Many of us choose the first option, not because we want to sabotage our diets or health, but because we’re just done making choices for the day.

The most successful people know, however, that the fewer choices you have to make the better. Why do you think Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day? The more you automate your life, the more energy you have to make the decisions that drive your business.

Plan your day. Prioritize your daily to-do list so that the most important tasks get done first.

Make your meals ahead of time. If you want to eat healthier, prepare your meals in advance. That way if you have a rough day, you’ll be less tempted to hit the drive-thru.

Adopt good habits. Your habits are unconscious so make sure that they’re helping you propel your business forward.

It’s a good life!


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