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What Makes a Leader?

I once read a quote which stated, “True leadership is your ability to hide panic from others.” The quote was intended to be humorous and it is.

Webster’s defines leadership as: “the position or function of a leader, the ability to lead, an act or instance of leading, guidance or direction.” By definition we are all called upon to be leaders in one capacity or another, whether you are a broker, owner, team leader, agent, mom, dad, community leader, coach, agent in your office or employee in another field. You get the idea, bottom line we are all leaders. My belief is it is a myth to say there are natural born leaders. No doubting some people are hard wired with leadership attributes which enable them to have more leadership tendencies but all of us need to develop the skill of a leader. Maya Angelou says: “I’ve learned people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  True leadership displayed in a simple quote. Think about the people you admire, what are some of the traits they display that you admire? My list would be integrity, generosity of spirit, willingness to share, kind, excellent in what they do. All of the skills I listed can be developed and worked on daily and over a lifetime. I am sure if you examine your list you will find the same thing.

Buffini and Company has many programs and tools to help our clients become better leaders in their respective fields. We do this by helping people develop their character and competence through our products and services like coaching, the Heritage Profile, working by referral programs and Brian’s podcasts. They are made and designed to help you develop as a leader in your business, life and community.

Leadership takes on many shapes, sizes and forms. We are all called upon to be leaders, to be the ripple in the pond through our daily actions and interactions. If we leave those we interacted with better for the experience, we displayed the best kind of leadership and yes, sometimes that simply means the ability to hide our panic from others and doing our best.

Kelli Snyder

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