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Why a Spirit Giving is Critical for Your Success

Christmas gift and love

Givers often get an unfair reputation. Cynics often believe a giver will get taken advantage of, while others only give when they see a strategic benefit. I don’t believe that any of this is true. In all my years in this industry, the best real estate training I ever received was how to become a better giver.

Think about the most successful real estate figures you know, and you’ll see that they have one thing in common: they’re true givers. They give for the sake of giving, not to get anything in return. And, as a result of this selfless nature, they end up reaping the benefits. The greatest leaders, the greatest influencers, the greatest salespeople are the greatest givers. It’s the people who are giving the most who get the most.

It all boils down to the law of the harvest; if you give generously, it’ll come back to you. So here’s my bit of real estate training for you. Learn to harness the power of giving, and you’ll see how it will benefit you down the line. Start by giving away these five things freely:


There are people we meet who we just think, “I really like that person.” We can’t put our fingers on exactly why, but we know they’re good people. These folks exude great energy and leave the people they meet feeling happy, heard and appreciated. Adopt a positive mindset and share your positivity with the people around you.


Smiles are contagious and can improve the days of both the people giving and receiving the smile. Smile at clients, family, friends and strangers alike. Even if you’re having a crummy day; smile at the next person you see and you can be sure you’ll improve their mood and yours.


Make sure your compliments are genuine. Don’t just give the compliment, but tell the person why you gave it. Then ask a question following up with it. For example, I might say, “I like the curtains in your living room. The color and pattern really ties the room together.” Then I’ll ask a question to engage further: “Did you select them yourself or did you work with a designer to style this room?” This is how the receiver knows the compliment is genuine and from the heart.


The gift of time is the greatest thing you can give anyone, whether it’s your favorite client or your loved ones. We’re busier than ever these days making the gift of time a rare commodity. Figure out what and who you value, then prioritize your day based on that. If family and loved ones are your priority, spend as much time as possible with them. At work, or with friends, instead of thinking of the next thing, pay attention and focus on the current conversation.


Our get-it-now instant society has made us less patient than before. Patience causes us to slow down, empathize with the other person and extend grace. If you find yourself getting impatient, pause and count to 10, taking deep breaths as you count. Think from the other person’s perspective and look for ways you can serve them better.

As you pursue your own path of giving, make sure you invest in real estate training that focuses on this spirit! The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials  is Buffini & Company’s training program that does just that. Learn more about “The Law of the Harvest” and other heartfelt strategies that compose a solid real estate business.

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