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Why You Need A Coach!

Do you know that some people think they can run a successful and profitable business without guidance from a Business Coach? The truth is if you were to talk with notable entrepreneurs and business leaders they will tell you that having a Business Coach is a non-negotiable element of their business.

A Business Coach will help you with your vision, motivation and creativity along with developing a comprehensive personalized action plan to guide you in achieving your business goals as well as goals in other areas of your life. You are more likely to take ownership of the necessary responsibilities and requirements of your business which is a direct result of the accountability that your coach provides. During the coaching process, a coach provides honest objective feedback which helps you to become more competent and the more competent one becomes, the more confident they will be in their business which leads to more success. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.

It can be difficult for business owners to really appreciate the value of working with a Business Coach. That is why it is beneficial to hear from our B&C business coaching clients about the benefits they have experienced and the tangible results that coaching has on their business.

Marc LaFontaine in Ottawa, Canada is such a strong believer in coaching that he has coaches/mentors in all 5 circles of his life; business, financial, personal, spiritual and family. In addition, Marc said he “believes that everyone needs guidance, a listening ear and a laser like focus to keep one’s eyes on the prize.”

A coach will also help you with priority management, structure and networking. Molly and Sean Hollis in Denver, Colorado state that having a coach is “by far the best investment they have ever made in themselves and in their business.” They are a perfect example of embracing the coaching process and the result is that the investment is paying off for them in bottom line results and personal growth.

In addition, Molly and Sean love the networking opportunities that are developed by their Business Coach to interact with other successful, like minded business professionals. The referrals they have received from these individuals are also priceless! They place a high value on these professional relationships which have been developed through B&C by means of the Success Tours, Small Groups and Mastermind events.

Ian Hawkins in Collingwood, Ontario is another B&C client who states “Coaching keeps him grounded and focused on the fundamentals of operating a successful Real Estate business.” During the coaching process, Ian has found that doing a significant number of pop by’s and writing personal notes has contributed to his success.

Your Business Coach is an advocate for your business in helping you to have a clear perspective of your strengths and blind spots, processing life, celebrating your successes, and achieving bottom line results. If you haven’t already done so, step forward and invest in your greatest asset – YOU!


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